PTC Sites

There are hundreds of paid to click sites out there but I will only be recommending sites I tested and found to be legit and trusted by many. There are many legit PTC sites but these sites I recommend are the sites that earns well and pays well. Joining PTC’s is easy. First you need a paypal account as this will be the form of payment. Here’s the link
Click any PTC site listed below to sign up. Joining them all will not hurt you. I actually do suggest you join them all. Each site would only require you about 10 minutes a day. If you have questions regarding how it works or needing assistance in joining just comment below and subscribe so you will be notified when your inquiries are answered. Here’s the list by the way:
1. Probux
2. Neobux
3. Fusebux
4. Turnbux
5. Zapbux
6. Lynkar
7. Clixsense

There are more legit PTC’s but with bad referral performance. These PTC’s are guaranteed to have good referral performance. Have fun clicking and happy earning.
*If you don’t have a paypal account and don’t know how to get one I will be more than willing to teach you how.


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